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Barbara Pokorny

Managing Director at Euroimpex S.A. |
+48 71 78 48 120
601 570 753

Sales department

Contact for purchasing software, the possibility of obtaining a grant, training. |
tel. +48 71 78 48 139
605 221 286
601 9050 381

Service Department

Contact for repair of equipment, inspections, contracts, consumables.|
+48 71 78 48 117

Deployment Department

Contact for implementation, software updates, and technical problems|
+48 71 78 48 148

: Subsidies and training

Contact for subsidies, subsidy villages and training.|
+48 71 78 48 122

Marketing and PR

Contact in matters related to marketing and promotion, contact for the media.|
+48 71 78 48 134

KRS 0000068587 in the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna, NIP: 899-01-07 -125, REGON: 008479195