Optimization of printing costs in the office and administration by 50%

Wherever a lot of documents are printed, it is necessary to optimize printing costs. Documaster Multiaudit is an application that allows you to reduce printing costs by monitoring each printout. Therefore, the optimization of printing costs in the office is based on the analysis of all printouts made by employees. Therefore, each user receives a unique login and password with which he logs into the device each time. The very awareness that the printing process is under control reduces the cost of printing among employees. Control results in better management of available resources and eliminates wastefulness. The software enables access to current information specifying: when, by whom and in what circulation a document of a specific type (eg DOC, e-mail, website) was printed and what was its name. Due to security and confidentiality rules, Documaster Multiaudit does not analyze the content of printed documents.
Documaster Multiaudit enables you to obtain periodic reports on the expenditures and costs of printouts for all users, organizational structures as well as locations and devices. You can choose one of several ready-made report templates, set a period of time with an accuracy of one day, and then export the cost data to financial and accounting systems, print it, send it by e-mail or save it, for example, in the form of a PDF or Excel file.

Automatically generated reports and application support

The application automatically generates reports on all printouts and copies made by users. In addition, it provides information on printers, copiers and multifunction devices that are overloaded, unused or at the highest cost. As a result, it is possible to significantly reduce printing and copying costs without investing in new equipment. Documaster Multiaudit allows you to additionally manage user accounts, limits and projects. The report also enables better planning of consumables purchases. The web interface is used to manage the application and generate reports, which allows you to change system settings and download current and historical information. Thanks to this solution, Documaster Multiaudit management is possible by many people without the need to install any additional software on their stations. All you need to do is have the current version of any web browser installed.


Optymalizacja kosztów druku w urzędzie dzięki analizie raportu

The Documaster Multiaudit system allows you to create periodic reports on the expenditure and printing costs for all users, organizational structures as well as locations and devices. You can choose from several ready-made report templates that allow you to set a period of time with an accuracy of one day. Then, you can export cost data to financial and accounting systems, print it and send it via e-mail, or save it, for example, as a PDF or Excel file. Ready-made report templates expose sensitive places and are a source of valuable information that allows you to significantly reduce the cost of printing in the office.

The most important benefits:

  • reducing the cost of printing and copying documents
  • professional advice on creating company strategy in the field of creating and managing document and information flow in connection with ERP and CRM systems
  • optimization of work processes and control over employees and their tasks
  • increased security and confidentiality of processed documents - guaranteed functionality of confidential printouts from Windows, Linux and SAP
  • accurate internal settlement of document production costs and budgeting
  • increasing the efficiency of your IT resources
  • proven, state-of-the-art solutions based on the highest class digital equipment and professional software
  • fast and professional service as well as trainings and technical consultations
  • a proven partner with over twenty years of experience in the office automation industry and with extensive references.