A listed company employing over 300 employees.
6 February 2020

We have implemented the Documaster Multiaudit system, which allowed the optimal use of multi-functional devices along with relocation, and thus minimizing the cost of maintaining the entire system by over 30%.

The software supports over 20 multifunctional printing devices in mono and color technology with full billing per user, organizational unit or location.


Thanks to the implementation of Documaster Multiaudit, we not only managed to significantly reduce printing costs, but we also took care of security issues, including by entering confidential and following printouts as well as server encryption. In addition, users can freely OCR scanned documents.

Thanks to the follow-up printout and login to the devices by means of proximity identification cards, the use of multi-functional devices has become convenient, simple and fast. Generated reports for the management allow for proper planning and budgeting of the system for the coming years.