Create a catalog of your region's cultural heritage

Each region, district, commune, city, town and even village have their own unique history and rich tradition. Often, however, important information is not archived, it is in the form of oral communications or personal notes. To save the history and tradition of the region from oblivion, the Documaster History solution was created.
Documaster History is a cloud solution that allows you to create a Region Cultural Heritage Catalog. The catalog is available online and contains detailed and not available anywhere else information related to the selected region, poviat, commune or town, which relate, among others, to history, tradition, folklore, tourism, art, architecture, geography and literature. The catalogs are created at the initiative of local government officials who want to save history from oblivion and provide knowledge about the cultural heritage of their little homeland.

Benefits for users:

  • easy, free access to information in many areas in one place,
  • deepening knowledge about the region and its cultural heritage,
  • optimization of work processes and control over employees and their tasks
  • building identity and a sense of belonging to the region and social group,
  • students, by using Documaster History, shape their patriotic attitude.

Benefits for local government officials:

  • gain an innovative and at the same time easy-to-use tool for promoting their own region,
  • can use Documaster History during fairs, conferences, economic negotiations,
  • building identity and a sense of belonging to the region and social group,
  • may provide the solution in facilities such as schools, libraries, community centers,
  • education about the region will help strengthen citizens' attitudes related to local patriotism,
  • the solution supports education in the region and can be used to develop scenarios for history, geography, arts, but also science lessons
  • the implementation of a modern solution with such a high social value testifies to the innovativeness of self-government against the background of self-governments of other regions.