Secure circulation of documents and information in your company

Documaster Easy Office is a software that secures the circulation of documents and printouts in a company by monitoring and managing device access rights. It also introduces very important print and follow-up (localized) print functions. Thanks to the application of Documaster Easy Office in an enterprise, you can also increase the efficiency of work in your office, increasing ergonomics and matching the functions of multifunctional devices to the needs of employees.
Documaster Easy Office consists of client applications, a server part and an optional card reader. The administrator console available as GUI (graphical user interface) is used to configure and manage the work of the system. The software enables the allocation and management of system users' access rights. .


Efficiency increase

Ergonomic designed LCD panel, identical for all devices in the company, reduces the time needed to complete the task. The individualization of the software of multifunctional devices enables faster meeting the unusual needs of users. The follow print function enables you to receive a printout from any device and eliminates downtime at work.

The most important benefits of using Documaster Easy Office:

  • confidentiality and reliable security of printers and scanned documents
  • elimination of downtime at work thanks to following printout
  • matching functionality to the needs of users and improving office work
  • monitoring printouts and detecting irregularities