Cloud solution for events and conferences

The main purpose of using Documaster Event Cloud is to eliminate costs associated with printing conference materials in external printers and synchronize information during the organization and duration of conferences / workshops / seminars. Documaster Event Cloud offers an innovative cloud infrastructure that is revolutionizing the provision of IT services for the conference and information training sector. This comprehensive cloud solution is designed for managing conference materials.

Savings and zero waste

Thanks to the integration of the software with the multifunction device, event participants can print, scan and copy selected materials offered by the organizer. Before the conference, the organizer usually outsources the printing of many materials. Some of them, however, turn out to be unnecessary. These are both materials that could only exist in an electronic version, as well as those that become obsolete through changes in the program. In addition, not every participant is interested in all received brochures, because of this a large part of them is thrown away. This involves huge additional costs for the event organizing company. Control of material management in the Documaster Event Cloud conference cloud results in better management of resources and significant savings. For companies in which ecology matters, the Organizer, based on its own needs and financial resources, limits costs by setting limits for individual users for printing, scanning and copying materials / documents.

Benefits of using Documaster Event Cloud:

  • providing online materials for conference participants
  • cheap printing of only needed (necessary) materials
  • full security of stored data, in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR
    integration with multifunctional devices enabling cheap and convenient cloud printing or scanning
  • comprehensive solution: we provide software and devices