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6 February 2020

We have implemented a comprehensive service enabling students and academics to use digital scientific resources placed in the Documaster Campus cloud.

All users have received an account through which they can log in to generally available scientific materials, such as e-scripts, tutorials, lectures in the form of audio and video, presentations, etc. In addition, there are several color, multifunctional printing devices available to users cash payment system. The devices are located in strategic places of the university and thanks to integration with Documaster Campus they enable printing materials from the user's account or scanning scientific materials to the cloud. Users are identified by means of an electronic student ID and employee ID. Thanks to the implementation of the Documaster Campus, all students received access to the necessary scientific materials, which contributed


In addition, in the administrative area we have implemented the Documaster Multiaudit and Documaster Service systems and 25 pcs of multi-functional printing devices in mono and color technology integrated with the software.

Logging in to the devices is done using employee ID cards. The system significantly simplified and accelerated most of the basic activities related to the production and circulation of documents in electronic and paper form. It allows confidential printing, tracking printout, scanning and OCR of documents for private user accounts. The devices are fully monitored, providing ongoing information on the consumption of consumables and the status of each device. The implemented system has made it possible to optimally use the devices and minimize the costs associated with printing by over 30%. The generated reports allow for proper planning and budgeting of the system for the coming years.